About Our Company

Lyons Production Services Ltd. is proud to have this opportunity to offer our well testing services to our Northern Alberta and British Columbia customers, past and future.

Serving the Grande Prairie area since 2003, Lyons Production Services is locally owned and operated. With a fleet of 30-32 separator packages, we are able to provide cost effective services to the oil and gas industry.

Lyons Production Services Ltd. offers a variety of top of the line equipment to take on any task in today's evolving environment. We strive to meet the highest standards of maintenance to ensure accurate reporting for a fair price. Our experienced technical staff maintains a superior safety and environmental record and are here to help get your job done on budget and on time.

Mission Statement
At Lyons Productions Services Ltd we are committed to safety. With specialized personnel, state-of-the-art equipment and commitment from all levels within our company, we raise the industry standard for safety and competence.

Since Kevin Lyons created Lyons Production Services Ltd. in July 2003, they have been striving to be the industry leaders in the well testing field. Lyons relied on everything he had learned in the industry to provide the very best equipment with the most knowledgeable and experienced staff in the business. He believes that the key to success is in the employees — finding the most experienced personnel and treating them well in order to keep them. Lyons has only those employees with 10 or more years of experience running their equipment.
Lyons Production Services continues to provide specialized personnel with the state of the art equipment required to meet or exceed customer & industry requirements. Lyons works with a local manufacturer to design the very best state-of-the-art production equipment available.

"Striving for excellence with specialized personnel"